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 Privacy Policy-Dz pure website

Dear user (s):-

On this page, we will show you the most important provisions of these terms that the site has of personal information and how the site behaves with this information.

Also, the administration of the Dz pure website is based on a third party, which is the advertiser or you can call it the advertising display Party, and in this way the advertising company Google AdSense "Google Ad-sense" has access to some information that can display the best ads that suit the user, but with the exception of some data "name, surname, address, e-mail, as well as phone or mobile number" .and all this to preserve the user's privacy with the company.

 Dz pure website deals with the most widespread and secure company in the world, known as Google ads or

"Google Ad-sense", where it works to identify the user's cookies, and in this way displays ads that suit and suit any user.

It also allows all users the freedom to block or allow the use of cookies from each user's profile and access what Google provides in its content Privacy Policy.

Dz pure website login files:

Our work is the same as in the case of all servers at websites, where their work boils down to how to use the site administration and everything related to the user's login files, of which we can mention the "IP" protocol, which is represented by the user's addresses, the type of browser used to log in, the internet service representative, the date of login and the exact time, as well as all the user's behaviors inside the site.

This does not mean collecting information in order to spy and eavesdrop on users on the internet, but in order to get a great quality of content while providing the best results for ads that correspond and match what the user needs without being disturbed, in addition, all this information is located in a secret place called the secret electronic vault that enables us to raise and improve the quality of content and the site for you and for your benefit.

Cookies and network settings for Dz pure website:-

It is known that the company "Google" relies on" Cookies " in order to retain all the interests and wishes of users inside any site and on the internet in general

The entity concerned with accessing all this information carried by cookies is only advertising companies, which means that the company "Google adsense" is the only company that can find out this information and is the most widespread company in the world.

Advertising companies can access and access the information they know about users under the terms and conditions of the document that have been confirmed and held in order to improve the quality of content and many other purposes that we have already mentioned above, and the most prominent thing that was mentioned in the document is to improve the quality of the appearance of advertising content on the site in order to identify what is compatible with users and their behavior towards 



We say and remind that Dz pure website does not have the authority to access or even use the information and data related to cookies, even if you allow access to it, so Google remains the only company that has the right to use this data and information, so we absolve ourselves of full  responsibility for the wrong use of data and information


Attention:- what you should read and review of the terms and privacy policy related to the third party, which is Google, is stated in this document, to increase your knowledge about all the practices and activities of the company.

To view more Terms, Privacy Policy and the policy used by "Google Ad-sense" company, click here on this link and view them.

 finally: in this document we undertake to provide an explanation of how to deactivate the cookie service in order to give full powers to all users in it, this can be done through the user's browser settings or in accordance with the policies of "Google" and the advertising content network.

You can contact the site administration from here in case of comments or inquiries and you will receive a response in less than 24 hours.

What is stated in the agreement can also be updated in case of new updates.

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