The young rapper and musician Lil Bou, who rose to fame thanks to one song?

Rapper and singer Lil Bou
The young rapper and musician Lil Bou

Who is the young rapper and musician Lil Bou, who rose to fame thanks to a single song?

Rapper and singer Lil Bou was born in Colobane, Senegal, on March 25, 1990. (Dakar). He combines commerce with pleasure, his passion, and his education because he attends the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar's (UCAD) English department as a student. His first steps in the hip hop movement correlate with the start of the 2000s in general, and more specifically with the year 2004 and the appearance of the three-person trio Gox-Bi Right. Before releasing their first recordings in 2007, they went their separate ways for a spell.

Lil Bou launched his solo career in January 2014 with the official release of his debut single, Lil Bou The King, which gave him his stage name and became his logo. Having gained experience and knowledge based on an open mind, Bouba Senghor, who goes by the name Lil Bou, wants to explore new horizons by going in a new direction. With the release of his debut mixtape, which was recorded at Def Waref Studio and features 13 tracks with national and international collaborations, 2015 transforms into a pivotal or even essential year in his career. This mixtape reflects his desire to explore new horizons.

Lil Bou collaborated on the mixtape with a number of talented artists, including Mister JD (France/World), Lu Hound (Brazil/USA), ODD from 7Shots, Xipili, and many more. Lil Bou is back with two tracks, Happiness feat. Maria Siga and My Queen ft. Petit Narr, continuing his effort to elevate African sounds.

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