Jeremy Renner Could Be Retiring After Accident

Jeremy Renner Could Be Retiring After AccidentJeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner Could Be Retiring After Accident

 In addition to playing music, Jeremy Renner is well-known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Early in January 2023, he was recently involved in a serious accident. As a snowcat ran over his legs and injured his chest and other body parts, his life was on the line. After this occurrence, there are numerous reports that Jeremy Renner may stop acting. Our cherished Hawkeye hero had around 30 shattered bones as a result of the collision.

Is Jeremy Renner Retiring? Says Acting Career Isn’t A Priority

According to a source inside the company, "Jeremy thinks he survived the accident so he can use his platform to genuinely effect change in the world." He is quite proud of the work he has accomplished, but this whole circumstance has really taught him that there is so much more he could be doing to assist others, they continued.

It has been made known that Jeremy’s mother, Valerie, has been a big help to him since his injury, and it was reported that she had been “by his side as often as possible.” A buddy continued, "His mother and daughter Ava come to visit with him most weekends." His ex-nine-year-old partner's daughter, Ava,Sonni Pacheco.

An update on the addict: On New Year's Day, while helping his nephew clean his driveway, Jeremy Renner was struck by a seven-ton snowplow. Renner observed the snowplow sliding back during that incident, which may have resulted in his nephew, who was present at the time of the accident, being hit. Renner then attempted to re-enter the snowplow to alter its course, but he was dragged under the left side and run over as a result. Jeremy Renner is now recovering well.

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