Ben Affleck Wanted to Direct a DC Movie by James Gunn

Ben Affleck Wanted to Direct a DC Movie by James GunnBen Affleck.(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Ben Affleck Wanted to Direct a DC Movie by James Gunn: "We Just Have to Find the Right Project"

 With the announcement that Henry Cavill won't be reprising his role in the upcoming Superman film, new details regarding a potential director have emerged. As a result of Ben Affleck's interest in directing for DC Studios, James Gunn has revealed that Affleck might accept the position.

In reaction to Gunn's recent Twitter announcement that a new Superman film was in production, Gunn has disclosed that he is considering Affleck for the role of director. In response to a question from a fan asking if Affleck, who has starred in several Batman movies, including as the title character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), would direct the new movie, Gunn tweeted, "Met with Ben yesterday precisely because he wanted to direct and we want him to direct.

Gunn stated that he would be interested in having Affleck helm a film, but he did not specify which film. We only need to identify the ideal project, he continued. He stated in a previous tweet, "We don't know who is directing yet.

Although Affleck is most recognised for his acting, he has also directed a number of movies. The most recent of them is the upcoming movie Air Jordan, which chronicles the tale of shoe salesperson Sonny Vaccaro and his struggle to get Michael Jordan to represent Nike. Other examples are Live By Night (2016), Argo (2012), and most recently.

After learning that a new Superman movie is in production, Affleck expressed interest in directing for DC Studios. In his opening statement this evening, Gunn stated, "Peter and I have a DC slate ready to go, about which we couldn't be more overjoyed. We'll be able to share some exciting details about our first projects at the beginning of the new year. "Superman is one of the people on the list. Our story will initially concentrate on a previous period in Superman's life.

Also, it was revealed that a new actor would play the part of Superman in the upcoming movie rather than Cavill reprising his. Henry Cavill won't be playing the role, Gunn said, assuring fans that Henry will still be working for DC Studios. But Henry and I recently had a fantastic meeting, and since we are both of him, we discussed a lot of interesting prospects for future collaboration.

In reaction, Cavill announced on his official Instagram account that he would be leaving the character he had previously played in a number of motion pictures. We can grieve for a while, but after that, we must remember those who stood by my side throughout the years. Superman is still in existence. The ideals he upholds and the standards he sets for us are still in effect! Cavill wrote that he "respected" the decision of the studio to have him resign. "My time to don the cape is over, but what Superman stands for never will," said the superhero.

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